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Big Island of Hawaii! Hike, Dive, Snorkel and Explore

The Big Island of Hawaii is vast and full of excitement. From quaint towns and villages to 5-star luxury resorts there is something here for all vacation goers. This article will go over some hidden treasures and not miss excursions if you ever make it to this mystical place in the middle of the Pacific.

For the adventure lovers out there the Big Island will not disappoint. There are lava tubes, canyons, valleys, beaches, and hidden trails that offer beauty not found anywhere else in the world. Lava tubes are narrow underground tube caves that from as underground lava flows empty out into the ocean or some other exit point. After they cool large and small tube caves make for awesome hikes and pictures. Some of the best lava tubes are very hidden and a knowledgeable guide is needed to get you there in addition to safety.

If high-end luxury resorts is your thing there are a few on the Big Island you can’t miss! The Kona Village Resort and Four Seasons are true 5 star accommodations with high end ammenities and first class service. These hotels are situated 20 minutes north of Kona airport in the Waikoloa region. This area gets the most sun all year round and the beaches are stunning. Two other quality resorts of interest are the Mauna Lani Resort and Hilton in the same area. The Hilton is like Disney World for adults with a monorail and boat service that transfers guests throughout the vast resort.

Scuba divers love the vast reefs and diversity of fish found on the Big Island. Aside from the traditional reef dives around the island, there are two very unique scuba experiences that attract divers from all over the world. Manta Rays are found all over the shallow waters of the Big Island and the famous night dives do not disappoint. These massive creatures glide through the water and give divers an awe-inspiring experience. Black sea diving can ONLY be done off the coast of Hawaii. This unique experience brings alien like creatures from the deep right in front of your eyes as you wade under water in the pitch black of the night.

Another must-see activity is Waipio Valley. Famous for its role in movies like Jurassic Park and Water World, this huge valley has a 200-foot waterfall at one end and a river that flows into the vast Pacific on the other. The black sand beach and huge valley cliffs make it a truly unbelievable site. During the rainy season, more waterfalls from around the surrounding cliff walls of the beach. Often there are wild horses roaming the beach and forest of the valley.

These Hawaii hot spots are just a few out of hundreds on the Big Island alone. Few tour operators offer excursions to many of these “off the beaten path” explorations so travel clubs and small tour operators are the only options.

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