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Exclusive Visitor’s Guide – Official travel guide

North of the country of Panama and south of Nicaragua, lies tropical Costa Rica, a country of amazing beauty and a rather notable and peaceful history in comparison to its non-democratic neighbors.

Before making plans to visit, know that entry requirement may vary depending on your country of origin. You will not need a vaccination for diseases like malaria before visiting the country, but other things like passports and visas will be needed from some travelers. Others will only need a passport such as those coming from the U.S.

The maximum stay allowed is 90 consecutive days, however, extensions can be added with the help of immigration or a travel agency.

Sightseeing in Costa Rica

From hot air ballooning to white water rafting, and just about every exciting activity you could ever think of in between. For starters, the country is home to incredible variety of rainforests as well as hundreds of breathtaking waterfalls, lagoons, winding rivers, and mangrove swamps.

Surfing in Costa Rica

The country boasts some of the best surfing spots in all of the Pacific Ocean, but most especially near the northern and southern borders and off of the country’s central beaches. To the south of Jaco is Playa Hermosa, the place to go if you are on the lookout for a few big swells, but if nothing exciting is happening here, just a short drive in either direction will bring about a collection of impressive waves.

While the Atlantic Ocean side has suffered some damage thanks to strong storms and flooding in the area, Salsa Brava at Puerto Viejo boasts a legendary break during January and February in particular.

Some other activities you may be interested while visiting Costa Rica include snorkeling and scuba diving, kayaking, biking, hiking, backpacking, bird watching, fishing, and swimming.

Trips Are Affordable

The very thought of wonderful destinations like Nicaragua, New Zealand, Botswana, Australia, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom is enough to make anyone want to hop on a plane. However, the one problem that always arises is that of cost. In order to spend a year in one of those countries takes some very careful fiscal planning. For many of us, no matter how careful we are, this kind of trip always seems to be just out of reach. If this is your situation then it’s time to use brains rather than cost alone to get what you want.

The answer to your dilemma is tripped. Find a company that specializes in arranging travel for the year. Use the plan already in place to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. This is a plan or system that works. so well that many young travelers find they can afford to extend their year to a second year. An example of a good system is one that allows well-established boarding schools around the world to employ young travelers as assistants. This is all there is to it. You get accommodation, meals. In other words, you get all you need to maintain yourself while experiencing another culture.

Trips are meant to be fun but it’s also hard work for assistants. The boarding schools have high expectations and it is expected that assistants will arrive with all the details like visas and airfares taken care of. A specialty travel company takes care of all the paperwork. All fees are paid up by assistants before departure so there are no hidden costs. Not only are they able to leave with a budget in place but they are also provided with a two-day induction on arrival in their host country. The induction is carried out before they arrive at the relevant boarding school.

The greatest benefit of organizing year-long trips before departure is that everything is paid for. The boarding school does not have to contribute to fees. All they have to is provide you with employment and accommodation. You have the peace of mind knowing you are able to pay your way and this makes travel affordable.

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